Pink Guava, Peanut butter ganache, Feuilletine, vanilla sponge

Photos are pretty crappy for this post as everything was in a mad rush and I didn’t manage to get some good shots of it. Made these individual treats for a friend’s birthday BBQ and decided to play around with tropical flavor-pink guava! I’ve never made a dessert with guava yet so I decided to have some fun playing around with new flavor profile. I had some homemade peanut butter at home which I incorporate it into the dessert as well.  So I made a ganache as a center to give it a nutty suprise. Very intense, though I should turn it down a little in the future. Besides using the guava mousse for the mini entremet, I used it to serve as a plated dessert.


   Mixed it up with white chocolate granules, raspberries, beet chantilly and chocolate tuile. Increased the textures on the plate to make it a little more exciting! My favorite was the chocolate granules. It’s very versatile on everything and anything and really really easy to make. Will post about it on another entry, stay tune!


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